General terms and conditions

  1. These terms and conditions of use apply to the website and tool (cleo.) and all other websites that are published by or on behalf of aincient B.V., located in Amsterdam at Amstelkade 151-1, 1078 AW (hereinafter referred to as “Aincient”, or “we”). The AI museum tool Cleo is a project of Aincient. Aincient reserves the right to change these terms and conditions unilaterally.
  2. These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law. Disputes in relation to the use of this website can only be submitted to the competent court in the area where Aincient is based.
  3. Aincient is working with a freemium model for users that have a Cleo account. The first 50 queries in Cleo each month are for free and give a user access to the entire collections and all functionalities:
    1. Access to over 45,000 ancient Egyptian objects
    2. Search, filter, save, and download
  4. There are no strings attached. If the free queries run out and the user would like to continue searching, the user can buy extra queries: € 4.95 (including VAT) for 100 queries. The user can buy them online via credit card, PayPal, iDEAL, or even Bitcoin. The transaction is handled by Mollie, our payment partner. The unused queries do not expire but roll over at the end of each month. Furthermore, the user will still receive the free monthly queries (50 per month). See our FAQ for an example. NB: The free queries do not accumulate, which means that you cannot save your free queries to an amount larger than 50. You have the possibility to use up to 50 free queries each month. It is also possible to acquire a subscription for an institution.
  5. Aincient can change the amount of monthly free queries or terminate them and/or change the prices of queries. Changes will be communicated on the website.
  6. This website is compiled and updated with the utmost care. Aincient assumes no liability whatsoever for the use of this website. Aincient offers no guarantee that this website is virus-free, nor that it will always be in perfect working order.
  7. Aincient will not be liable, and users agree that they will not hold Aincient liable for any loss, injury, claim, liability, damages, costs, and/or attorneys’ fees of any kind that result from the unavailability of the Aincient and Cleo website and tool, delays, or interruption of the services.
  8. You may include hyperlinks to our website on your website. However, framing pages from this website in your website is not permitted.
  9. Aincient assumes no liability whatsoever for reports, messages, or information that are posted on this website by third parties. Aincient reserves the right to remove responses that have been posted on this website by third parties.
  10. Aincient seeks to serve a wide range of audiences, including audiences of different age groups. Aincient makes no representations or warranties of any kind, and will not be held liable in any way, for any content that might be deemed offensive, inflammatory, obscene, defamatory, or otherwise unsuitable for some users.
  11. Aincient is an aggregator of third-party content, not the creator of the content. Aincient will do its utmost best to avoid unauthorized uses of intellectual property rights of third parties.
  12. The images and texts in Cleo are reused from four museum collections and they are updated regularly. Aincient assumes no liability whatsoever for omissions between the four museum collections and Cleo.
  13. These are the copyright statements or licenses (Creative Commons) for each museum collection with a link to the statement on the image, text, and general information:
    1. Brooklyn Museum
      1. Images: CC BY 3.0
      2. Texts: CC BY 3.0
      3. General information about licenses
    2. National Museum of Antiquities
      1. Images: CC BY 3.0 NL
      2. Texts: CC0
      3. General information about licenses
    3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
      1. Images: CC0 1.0
      2. Texts: CC0 1.0
      3. General information about licenses
    4. The Walters Art Museum
      1. Images: CC0 1.0
      2. Texts: GNU Free Documentation License
      3. General information about licenses
  14. Information about the copyright on texts and images in Cleo is presented to the best of our knowledge, but we cannot guarantee that this information is always accurate. Please consult the information on the website of the museum itself by following the links above.
  15. Aincient is a social enterprise whose mission is to unlock ancient cultures using cutting-edge technology. If you are a copyright owner (or exclusive licensor) of materials presently available through a product or service made available by Aincient, and wish to have Aincient remove such materials, please contact us (see section 18).
  16. The descriptions in Cleo that are provided by the museum collections have been translated automatically to English and Dutch to facilitate searching across collections in your preferred language. Aincient assumes no liability for the automated translations. You can consult the original text by following the link to the museum collection.
  17. Aincient intends to maintain its services on an ongoing basis to improve the research on ancient cultures. However, should exigent circumstances so require, Aincient reserves the right to discontinue or cease operating its services, including Cleo. In such a case, Aincient would provide notice to its users, and work to transfer its services to another institution. However, such transfer may not be possible, and Aincient will not be liable should it cease to exist and such transfer is not made.
  18. Please send any questions or comments about the use of this website to Aincient, Amstelkade 151-1, 1078 AW Amsterdam, The Netherlands, or send an e-mail to